Tests for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a cause of embarrassment for both men and women and present serious social and psychological problems. Incontinence caused by stress and an overactive bladder are the primary causes of this type of problem.

Stress incontinence, which is more common in women, causes urine to leak during laughing or coughing. Overactive bladder, also called urge incontinence, is caused by muscle spasms leading to urgent feeling to urinate.

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Cancer has remained a major public health problem for both men and women in the United States with prostate cancer being the second most diagnosed disease second only to cancer of the lungs. In fact, 25% of deaths in the United States are caused by some type of cancer.

On the horizon, highly effective and innovative treatment modalities are currently being explored by oncologists and urologists alike. The fight against cancer still rages on the front lines in hospitals, clinics, and research centers worldwide and the survivor rates are increasing.

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ESWL for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a fairly common occurrence and affect hundreds of thousands of people every year. They are made of salts and other minerals found in the urine that bind together and form small pebble-like debris. They have been found as small as grains of sand or big as golf balls.

They can either stay in your kidneys or travel out of your body through the urinary tract. When a stone travels through the small tube that delivers urine out of the body, known as the ureter; it may cause no pain or it can be among the most painful experience.

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Very knowledgeable, patient and professional. Dr. Ilbeigi has an exceptional bedside manner. Great doctor!
Dr. Ilbeigi removed a cancerous part of my kidney using the Robot and I was home in less than 24 hours. I had seen two other urologist and they just wanted to remove my kidney, but Dr. Ilbeigi had the knowledge and expertise to perform this advance surgery. He was very reassuring and took his time before during and after surgery to keep our nerves at ease. I owe him my life.
I chose Dr. Ilbeigi to treat my prostate Cancer by the da Vinci Robotic prostatectomy @ St Mary Medical center after seeing 4 other robotic surgeons in Southern California (City of hope, UCLA, and Loma Linda. I felt as though, Dr. Ilbeigi was very honest in his assessment and realistic outcome after surgery. He is truely knowledgable, an expert in the field and put our anxiety to rest after just one consultation. I felt great after my surgery and I am cured. I would recommend him to anyone

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