Signs that Men Need to See a Urologist

It is normal for people to see their dentist, primary doctor, and eye doctor regularly. These healthcare providers ensure that teeth, eyes, and the body are in good general health. But what if something isn’t quite right in a particular part of the body? What is a person to do? The urinary and sexual health…

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BPH Influenced by Several Factors

BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a common condition for which there are no clear answers. Experts have yet to discover a distinct cause for enlargement of the prostate but they have established that several factors may influence the development or worsening of this condition. As is usually the case, some of these factors are…

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The “Dad Bod” Can Only be Celebrated So Much

We want to be kind to ourselves and others about body-type. This has become a popular topic of discussion in recent years, coming off of a trend of physical fitness that made most average people feel uncomfortable in their skin. The term “Dad Bod” even took hold, praising the less-muscular physique seen on celebrity men…


Top Reasons to Visit a Urologist

For most men, the thought of going to the urologist can seem inconvenient and intimidating. This is likely because they feel embarrassed about the urological problems they’re dealing with. But it’s important for men to know that urological symptoms can be an indication of a bigger problem. Here are three reasons to make an appointment…