Urinary Incontinence: Is it Time to Get Treatment?

Thousands of people each year start to notice an unwanted change: the accidental leakage of urine. This condition is what we call urinary incontinence. However, this is a blanket term. There are several different types of urinary incontinence. This is important to know because the symptoms and remedies may vary slightly between them. Common Types…


Robotic Surgery Seems to be Here to Stay

The area of surgery, like most of medicine, has evolved quite a bit over the years. Many of the procedures that used to require significant incisions and a lengthy recovery period are now performed using robotic surgical techniques. Robotic surgery is a type of minimally-invasive surgery that involves a robotic device that is operated by…


Is the Keto Diet the Magic Key to Sexual Health?

We hear quite a lot about the ketogenic diet these days. Recently, 16 celebrities, including Tim Tebow and Al Roker, were featured in a People magazine article touting the fad diet. On the other hand, some health experts and celebrity trainers call Keto one of the worst diet protocols around. Outside of the controversy, there…


What if a Vasectomy Reversal Fails?

Thanks to several improvements in surgical techniques in recent years, the success rates of vasectomy reversal have never been better. Generally, between 40 and 90 percent of men who undergo this procedure regain fertility without much delay. This rate is somewhat dependent on factors such as the surgeon’s experience and the length of time that…


Cryosurgery for Prostate Cancer

Each year, a few hundred thousand new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed. This cancer of the male reproductive system is the second most common male cancer in our country. It is estimated to cause more than 30,000 deaths this year. As much as we need to be aware of the risks and potential seriousness…


What is Cystoscopy and Why Might I Need One?

Experiencing symptoms in the urological system, such as painful urination, can be alarming in and of itself. In light of symptoms, it is vital to obtain a thorough health examination. In addition to performing a comprehensive health history, a urologist may also suggest certain tests to better understand the nature of the current physical condition.…

Peyronie’s Disease Palm Desert, CA

Tackle the Effects of a Curved Penis with Personal Urologic Care

Contrary to the idea that women are more concerned than men with their appearance, the male population tends to have a few common areas of concern that get attention almost daily. One body part that is of particular interest to just about every man is his penis. When the size, shape, or slant of the…

Testicular Cancer Rancho Mirage CA

Are Testicular Self-Exams Necessary?

With other cancers being so prevalent, testicular cancer is not a type that we tend to hear much about. However, statistics indicate that more than 350 men lose their lives to testicular cancer each year, and another 10,000 men are diagnosed with this frightening condition every year. This means we need to talk about it.…


When Low Libido Causes Concern

Libido is an important aspect of sexual health. When you think about it, it is our libido, or sex drive, that drives that train we call sexual function. If we don’t feel interested in sex, we are less likely to initiate or respond to our partner in a positive manner. What can make libido a…

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The “Dad Bod” Can Only be Celebrated So Much

We want to be kind to ourselves and others about body-type. This has become a popular topic of discussion in recent years, coming off of a trend of physical fitness that made most average people feel uncomfortable in their skin. The term “Dad Bod” even took hold, praising the less-muscular physique seen on celebrity men…