Erectile Dysfunction Rancho Mirage, CA

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with a Penile Implant: What You Want to Know

Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly frustrating problem for a man to live with. That’s why no man should. At Valley Urologic Medical Group in Palm Desert, we provide reliable solutions that meet each patient’s needs. One option that doesn’t get talked about much is the insertion of a penile implant. Penile implants aren’t new. The…


Bladder Pain: Is it Infection or Something More?

Urinary tract infections are common among women of all ages. It is estimated that one out of every five women will experience at least one UTI during her life. If you’ve been affected by this temporary condition, you may remember your symptoms well; the burning and constant sensation of needing to empty your bladder. Some…

Kidney Cancer Rancho Mirage CA

Kidney Stone: Managing the Risk of Recurrence

Kidney stones may affect only 12% of the population, but this problem is relatively well known for being something we want to avoid if at all possible. A single bout of pain caused by kidney stones is enough to make anyone extremely interested in learning how to reduce their risk of ever getting another stone.…

Female Cystocele Repairs Rancho Mirage CA

Female Cystocele: What You Need to Know

Words like cystocele are not commonly tossed around at dinner parties. This term, however, is an important one for many women to know. A cystocele may sound like something that has formed in the body. On the contrary, this term describes the falling, drop, or herniation of the bladder. We may also refer to cystocele…

Prostate Cancer Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs & La Quinta, CA

Surgery for Prostate Cancer: Exploring Your Options

We believe that an empowered patient is a more confident patient. In addition to that theory, we also believe that knowledge is power. A man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or who are awaiting a formal diagnosis after specific testing, can benefit from exploring the treatment options available for his potential condition. In…

Vaginal Rejuvenation Rancho Mirage CA

Vaginal Rejuvenation: What Does That Mean?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a common term used today, but one that may create a certain connotation that doesn’t fit. At Valley Urologic Medical Group, patients from Palm Springs, La Quinta, and the Rancho Mirage area can find the full extent of information needed to understand procedures that can elevate their quality of life. Here, we…

Erectile Dysfunction Rancho Mirage, La Quinta & Palm Springs, CA

A Look at Prostheses for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can do a lot more than rob a man of the gratification that comes from sexual confidence. Both partners can suffer needlessly when erectile dysfunction is not addressed as the vital health concern that it is. In recent years, we have seen the demand for real and workable solutions demonstrated in the widespread…

Prostate Cancer Treatment La Quinta, CA

A Public Service Announcement on PSA

As men age, the screenings that are recommended to them by their general healthcare provider change. One such screening that can present a bit of stress is the PSA. This blood test is performed to measure the amount of prostate-specific antigen coursing through the veins. A high number has historically been perceived to mean the…

Testicular Cancer Rancho Mirage CA

Are Testicular Self-Exams Necessary?

With other cancers being so prevalent, testicular cancer is not a type that we tend to hear much about. However, statistics indicate that more than 350 men lose their lives to testicular cancer each year, and another 10,000 men are diagnosed with this frightening condition every year. This means we need to talk about it.…


When Low Libido Causes Concern

Libido is an important aspect of sexual health. When you think about it, it is our libido, or sex drive, that drives that train we call sexual function. If we don’t feel interested in sex, we are less likely to initiate or respond to our partner in a positive manner. What can make libido a…