Time and age can take a toll on a woman’s body and manifests in many ways including facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and even lost elasticity in the vaginal area. The procedure to correct a damaged or aging vagina can take two forms: vaginoplasty or a labiaplasty. To make an informed decision as to which procedure may be right for you, it important to note the distinction between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

A reconstructive procedure seeks to improve anatomical function; whereas, cosmetic surgery’s primary goal is the alteration of the appearance of a normally functioning body part. Reconstructive vaginal procedures were developed to repair abnormalities such as vaginal malformation and agenesis, to facilitate normal menstruation and intercourse.
The best advice for women considering a vaginal rejuvenation surgery is to have an open and frank discussion with your physician about desired results and possible risks. Your doctor is an expert at making you look and feel better about yourself. Your consultation will include answers about what to expect as well as the costs associated with the procedure itself. This is a decision that should be carefully considered and discussed not only with your physician, but also with your significant other.