A lot of females have serious problems with the shape and symmetry of their vaginal lips, known as the labia. Not only can uneven labia lead to physical discomfort, it can also result in embarrassing situations during intimacy and have adverse consequences on a woman’s mental health. There are a few surgical corrective procedures to help with these types of delicate problems and one of them is known as a labiaplasty.

Labia reduction is a highly specialized procedure and its primary purpose is to reduce the size and shape the external labia. While a labiaplasty is not the same as a vaginoplasty, they can be performed concurrently to reshape and rejuvenate the entire vulvovaginal complex.

These types of surgeries vary from patient to patient, however, good candidates for a labiaplasty generally are in good health, experience discomfort riding a bike or wearing tight pants, or feel embarrassed about the appearance of their labia. These female candidates usually take the first step by making an appointment to consult with a board certified physician who is specially trained in the labiaplasty procedures.

Generally, labial cosmetic surgery is performed on an outpatient basis in an office or clinical setting. Women opting for a labiaplasty undergo either general, local, or a combination of sedations before the procedure is commenced. During the actual surgery, the doctor will excise certain tissues from the lips to tighten and even up the labial presentation. Women usually leave the clinic or office the same day because post-operative care is minimal.

Recovery from a surgery performed in a delicate area such as the vagina is a commitment and will take real effort in order to maximize the results. As a matter of course, packing is generally not required but sanitary pads may provide a modicum of comfort.

As with any post-surgical recovery there will likely be a certain amount of pain and swelling. Proper wound care including plenty of rest, abstinence from sex, prescription pain relievers, and topical ointments are imperative to making a full recovery. While patients can return home the same day, strenuous activity such as exercise must be avoided for the first few weeks to a month.

Cosmetic urologists are highly trained medical professionals uniquely qualified to perform surgeries such as a labiaplasty and have had dramatic, positive effects on a woman’s self-esteem.