FAQs Male Penis Enlargement Procedures in Palm Springs, La Quinta & Rancho Mirage

I think my penis is too samall, what are my options for enhancement?

There are quite a few options to enhance the size, shape and even curvature of your penis. Surgery to your suspensory ligament will increase penis length, leading edge grafting techniques will increase girth, and a penile implant will permanently correct erectile dysfunction.

Can a lengthening and widening procedure be done at the same time?

Yes and many men opt for both to be done simultaneously. The long term results are often better since there is only one recovery period for both procedures. However, these can also be performed one at a time and it may be medically necessary to separate them.

Toggle titleHow big will the penis be after a penile girth enhancement?

The circumference of the shaft, also known as girth, will largely depend up on the volume of the graft. The result may be as little as ten percent and can gain up to thirty percent in penile girth. As with length, the final results will ultimately depend on the patient.

How much extra length can be expected after the surgery?

While there are no guarantees regarding this procedure, patients have reported results in the one to tow inch range. Final results will ultimately vary because no two patients are the same and genetics as well as medical history can dictate the extent of lengthening. Penis lengthening surgeries usually involve an aftercare program and maximum length can be obtained when the patients follow the physician’s instructions with precision.

How does a penile implant work?

A penile implant is a device that is placed subcutaneously above the penis in the upper pelvic region. It is generally filled with saline and the patient erects the penis with a scrotal pump. Application of pressure on the hidden pump forces the saline solution into the implanted tubes in the penis itself. Once sexual intimacy is finished, the solution can be released back into the reservoir, restoring the penis to a flaccid state.

Will the penile implant be visible or be able to be detected by my partner?

Because the device is inserted under the skin, it is hidden and generally undetectable. The function of the device is accomplished entirely within the patient’s body and usually does not present in the course of normal intimacy.

Can natural compounds such as herbs and supplements really work to increase the size of my penis?

Unfortunately, no medical data currently exists to support the claims of most heavily marketed natural male enhancements. Right now, surgery is the only viable method to permanently increase penis size. The best course of action is to make an appointment with a board certified specialist and get all the facts and outline your specific options.

What is the duration of the actual penis enhancement procedure?

Nearly all procedures are performed in an office or clinical setting on an outpatient basis and can be accomplished in a matter of hours. Patients are required to arrive an hour before surgery for preoperative instruction and screenings and will be required to stay afterwards in order to mitigate the effects of anesthesia. Once you have been released from the medical office, the first stages of recovery can begin.

What is the recovery time for Penis Enlargement?

Generally, most patients return to work a week after surgery; however, full recovery from a penile enhancement procedure is a major commitment that can take up to six months. While routine activity can be resumed in approximately seven days; care, pain management, and exercises are a regular part of the recovery process. In fact, abstinence from sex is required for eight weeks.

How much pain can I expect after surgery?

Even minimally invasive surgeries cause trauma to the body which will inevitably lead to pain. However, because of advances in medical technique postoperative pain is usually mild to moderate and easily managed with OTC and prescription pain relievers. Most of what you experience can be described as discomfort and will subside as your recovery progresses.

Will there be any loss of feeling or other sensations during a postoperative erection?

Because of the nature of the enhancement surgery, there will be no loss of feeling during a postoperative erection. In fact, penile enhancement procedures are specifically designed to preserve the normal sexual sensation.

Can penile enlargement surgery really improve my self-esteem?

Absolutely. American society puts a high value on the size of the male sexual organ and many men suffer from poor body image. Poor body image, particularly in men that suffer from medical conditions such as micropenis can have far reaching effects psychological consequences. Penis enlargement surgeries have helped thousands of men nationwide improve their body image and self-esteem.

What is the success rate for penile enhancement procedures?

On the whole, there is a very high patient satisfaction rate from penile enlargement surgery. The techniques used to increase length, girth, and erectile function have helped thousands of patients feel better about themselves and live more confident lives. From a medical perspective, long term success depends on the patient’s commitment and cooperation with the recovery instructions.

Will insurance cover these treatments?

If you suffer from a legitimate medical condition, specifically one known as micropenis, may be covered under some insurance carriers. Micropenis is defined as a penile length of less than three inches erect and less than three inches in girth. Other penile maladies that may be covered by insurance include reconstruction due to trauma or injury and correction of a disease such as Peyronie’s. If the penis enlargement surgery is done for purely cosmetic reasons, it is unlikely that an insurance provider will take up any of the procedure cost.