A lot of men want a larger penis for a variety of reasons. Some men suffer from a medical condition called micropenis which is a physically deficient penis size and can have drastic psychological consequences. Some other men are simply self-conscious about the size of their organ and wish to have a larger penis.
Because the penis is like any other organ or appendage, there are no effective natural enlargement options available in the form of pills, creams, or ointments; increasing the length of the male sex organ falls solely within the realm of surgical solutions.

There are two dimensions for penis enlargement and one is increasing the length. Increasing penile length is a major concern for those suffering from micropenis or dissatisfaction with overall erectile length. In order to make a penis longer, plastic and urologic surgeons have a variety of options. Because every male patient has different needs and present with different circumstances, surgeons will decide which penile lengthening procedure is best for you. During the initial consultation, the penis enhancement surgeon will also cover penis enlargement costs.

Penis Lengthening Surgery

Penis lengthening surgery is generally accomplished by loosening a major ligament attaching the penis to the pubic bone. During the penile enlargement procedure, the suspensory ligament of the penis is cut; thereby allowing more the penis itself to hang and increasing its perceptible size. The ligament is then allowed to heal in a more extended state. It is important to note that penis lengthening surgery is not designed to double or triple the natural size of the penis. Male patients who are seeking penis enlargement surgeries should have realistic expectations of the result. These results will be thoroughly discussed in the consultation with the enhancement surgeon.

Pubic Liposuction

Pubic liposuction is also an option in penis enlargement. Sometimes, fat cells will build up around the pubic area and can obscure penile length by sinking the base of the penis. Removing the fat around the base can drastically improve penis length as well as functionality. Penile enhancement may even be considered as medically necessary, particularly in cases including micropenis.