In addition to penis lengthening procedures to increase length, many men are concerned about their penile girth, or width of the penis. Men who suffer from a medical condition known as micropenis, generally defined as a diminutive penis size of less than three inches erect and less than two inches in circumference. Micropenis is a condition that may qualify for your widening procedure as medically necessary and may be covered by select insurance carriers.

Otherwise, any penis widening procedure may be deemed purely cosmetic. In either case, male patients who are self conscious about their penis width may want to consider a widening surgery. Males judge themselves by a litany of criteria and penis size is an area of particular concern and a small, skinny sexual organ can have far reaching psychological consequences.

Penile Widening Procedure

Generally, the penile widening procedure itself involves injecting fillers, either synthetic or natural, under the skin in order to increase the overall circumference of the penis. The transdermal fillers are injected to achieve a smooth and uniform appearance as well as feel. Aesthetically, the penis widening procedure is often combined with a lengthening surgery to increase the overall size.

Widening procedures are unique to each man and the first step is to make an appointment for a confidential consultation with a board certified cosmetic urological professional.