Pre-Operative Preparation

Preoperative consultation: the surgeon will discuss a patient’s expectations and reasons for having a penile enhancement procedure. Psychological health is every bit as important as physical health when considering a cosmetic surgery. Some patients suffer from a condition known as BDD or body dysmorphic disorder. BDD affects thousands of people nationwide and should be treated by a mental health professional.

Before any cosmetic surgery on a healthy appendage, including the penis, the surgeon will have a candid discussion about the patient’s goals and complete a thorough psychological screening.

Most patients undergoing a penile enhancement procedure will likely have a general anesthesia and before the surgery will generally require a basic blood panel. Patients may require additional preoperative tests including a chest x-ray and an electrocardiogram (EKG), especially if the patient is over forty. Those who present with pre-existing or serious medical problems also may be required to have additional screening. In these rare cases, the surgeon will guide the medical protocols and recommendations during the initial consultation.

An important part of any penis enlargement surgery is the commitment to recovery and these aspects should be considered before undergoing the procedure. Considering that recovery can take up to six months will prepare each patient physically and psychologically for the surgery and subsequent recovery. Patients should have all the facts before any cosmetic procedure and realize that recovery will largely dictate results.

Recovery from Penile Enhancement Surgery

Depending upon which penile enlargement is performed; a patient may go home the same day or possibly spend a night in the hospital. In order to prevent infection, a course of antibiotics will most likely be prescribed and it is imperative to take as directed and finish the entire course.

Infection is a common postoperative complication and can be eliminated by following medical instruction. During the course of your penis enlargement recovery, immediately report any shooting or out of the ordinary pain or any other concerns that may arise. Loose-fitting undergarments are recommended during the entire recovery period. A degree of pain after penile enhancement surgery is normal and usually managed well with prescription and over the counter (OTC) pain relievers. Pain, bruising, and swelling associated with recovery can last a month and generally subsides over time.

Most men can resume strenuous physical activity approximately four weeks after surgery; and, if the recovery progresses well sexual activity may resume after about a month. Depending on the procedure, penis stretching exercise may be requires. These are very specific to a particular procedure and the surgeon will provide instruction concerning the exact procedure. These exercises can last several weeks up to several months and are an integral part of the penile enhancement recovery.

Although intimacy may commence after four to six weeks after a penile enhancement, it may take up to six months to achieve and maintain a pain-free, maximum erection length. Patients who see the big picture and understand that this is a major procedure and a significant time commitment during recovery will realize the best results in the short and long term.