Having a family is a big commitment and many 21st Century couples want a high degree of control over how many more children to have. Some couples have made the decision to limit the size of their family and opt to undergo a vasectomy. Because circumstances and relationships frequently change, a lot of men wish to have more children later in life; even after they have previously undergone a vasectomy.

Although a vasectomy is generally considered a permanent method of birth control, a procedure known as a vasovasostomy can reverse the effects by reconnecting the tubes that were previously severed during a vasectomy.

The procedure itself is usually accomplished in a doctor’s clinic as an outpatient. A vasectomy reversal usually takes anywhere from three to six hours including recovery from anesthesia. While you can return home the day of the surgery, it would be advisable to bring someone who can drive you home as you may still feel groggy from the anesthesia.

Many men have undergone a vasectomy in order to close one aspect of their life. Fortunately, a vasectomy reversal can help these same men be virile once again.